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Preceptors are available during their office hours or by appointment.

Jimmy Yang is a third-year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering, with a focus on building autonomous systems that acquire knowledge by interacting with the world, and providing provable safety guarantees during deployment and training. He also collaborates with other researchers on analyzing education datasets. email: ty3@
Mert Al is a PhD student at the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research is focused on developing scalable learning algorithms with applications in enhancing data privacy, classification, feature selection and visualization. His interests include kernel methods, adversarial learning, security and privacy, speech and image processing. email: merta@
Zheng Shi is a second-year PhD student in the Computer Science Department. She is interested in using machine learning to better understand text, and her current research focuses on Topic Modeling and Word Sense Disambiguation. She received her BSci degree in Applied Math from Brown university. In her free time, she enjoys Tango dance. email: zhengshi@
Sinogn Geng is a COS Ph.D. student at Princeton working on stochastic control. He has worked as a scientist at Los Alamos National Lab and Amazon. He watches YouTube, a lot. email: sgeng@
Amy Qin is a second-year Master in Finance student at the Bendheim Center for Finance. Before Princeton she studied economics and statistics at UC Berkeley. She is interested in applying the qunatitative methods in finanace. She enjoys travelling and is learning Japanese in her free time. email: zqin@
Daisy Huang is a lecturer in CSML. Her research interest lies within the domain of developing methodologies to improve classifier stability for small sample data sets with high volumes of objects. Prior to joining CSML she was a data scientist at Amazon. She received both her Bachelor and Ph.D. degrees from UC Berkeley. In her free time she enjoys developing new recipes, creating floral arrangements and traveling. email: daisyhuang@

Lab TAs

Lab TAs help out during precept. You can arrange for a time to meet with your Lab TA

Tabitha Belshee '20 is concentrating in Politics and pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. She focuses specifically on studying border patrol hiring processes how they affect rates of misconduct. On campus she spends her time being a proud Wilson RCA, officer in Quad, Head Tutor at McGraw, and yoga teacher in Dillon. email: tbelshee@
Rachel Kim '20 is concentrating in Sociology and is pursuing certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning and Global Health and Health Policy. Her independent research focuses on the social determinants of health outcomes, specifically quality of life in children with intellectual disabilities. Outside of academics, she enjoys dancing with Sympoh Urban Arts Crew, being a Leader Trainer with Outdoor Action, and volunteering with Matriculate, Princeton Disability Awareness, and Ascend Hospice. email: rskim@
Nebil Ibrahim is concentrating in Computer Science BSE. He focuses on computer vision and has worked on detecting drowsy driving at a startup in China. He enjoys powerlifting at Dillon Gym. email: nbi@.
Hey Jee Kim is a junior in the Department of Sociology, with interests in education research and demography. She is also pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. She works as a freelance translator for The Research Foundation and as an undergraduate research assistant for Professor Tod Hamilton. On campus, she is also involved in HomeFront College Prep and Tutoring and Petey Greene. email: hyejk@
Ryan Lee is a junior in the math department interested in theoretical machine learning and reinforcement learning. He likes to spend time reading research papers and hopes to submit his own research to a conference. email: seungjl@
Natalia Orlovsky is a sophomore, and will be declaring Molecular Biology as her concentration this spring. She also plans on pursuing a certificate in Quantitative and Computational Biology, and hopes to focus on protein-protein interactions and the dynamics of phase separation in her independent work. On campus, Natalia works in a CBE lab, is involved in the student theater community, and serves on the peer review board of the undergraduate research journals. email: orlovsky@.
Angelo Kayser-Browne '22 is planning on concentrating in Molecular Biology. On campus, he works in the Jonikas Lab researching pyrenoid formation and morphology in algae, and is also involved with several volunteer groups. In his free time, he enjoys basketball, fishing, herpetoculture, and listening to jazz and related genres. He is excited to be a lab TA—please bear with him as he attempts to teach you material he relearned the evening beforehand. email: angelok@.
Adam Chang '20 is a senior in ORFE and part of the Program in Latin American Studies. He's interested in data science in global development contexts, and next year will be working at a evidence-based development NGO in Nairobi! On campus Adam is part of Princeton Running Club and the Brown Co-op. email: adam.chang@
Mikako Inaba '20 is a junior in the Computer Science department, pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. She enjoys skating on the synchronized skating team, teaching and staying up late with friends (rather than psets). email: minaba@.
Nikoo Karbassi '21 is concentrating in Sociology and pursuing a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. She is interested in applying quantitative methods to address questions in the social sciences. Nikoo has worked for a variety of social impact groups, including Let’s Get Ready in Trenton, NJ and the Meraki Foundation in New Delhi, India. In her free time, Nikoo enjoys swimming, writing, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends. email: karbassi@.


Michael is available during his office hours (Monday 2:30-3:30, Friday 2:30-3:30 in CSML202), or by appointment.
Michael Guerzhoy started as a lecturer in CSML in September 2018. He's also an affiliate scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowldge Institute at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and an assistant professor (status only) at the Dept. of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto. Michael teaches data science, computer science, and machine learning and applies data science and machine learning to improve patient care. He also enjoys taking on data science consulting projects on the side. When not working, Michael likes to sing, sometimes about teaching.