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The Course Webpage Wiki is a collaboratively-edited directory of course webpages. Please follow the format in the Introduction to Data Science page when adding course webpages.


Data Science[edit]

Introductory Computer Science[edit]

Artificial Intelligence[edit]

About CWW[edit]

What is the purpose of the wiki?

We hope to

  • Link to courses around the web for university instructors to be inspired by
  • Enable education researchers to have a ready sample of high-quality courses around the world

What kind of course webpages should be added?

  • The webpages should contain high-quality teaching materials
  • The webpages should be stable — we don't want to link to webpages that will change or disappear in a few months

Who can edit the wiki? Anyone! It is a wiki. However, if at some point the wiki starts getting unwieldy, Michael reserves the right to start actively curating it.

Can I add my own course?

Absolutely. Summaries by the author of the course will be the most accurate. Please submit courses that you are proud of.

How is this different from Metacademy?

The primary audience of CWW is educators rather than students. The primary goal is to see the different ways in which courses are taught at different institutions rather than to point to the best (or a good) way to learn a topic.

What guidelines should I follow when adding courses?

Please keep the description short. Give an educator who is reading the description just enough information to decide to click on the link.

Code of Conduct[edit]

Editors are expected to treat other editors with courtesy and respect people of all genders, national origins, and sexual orientations.

Editors are expected to strive for truth and accuracy in their contributions, and to check others' work.